Video: Mike Homner of Facing Homelessness in Boulder

Over the last two weeks, Mike Homner of Facing Homelessness in Boulder talked to me about his life and work in Boulder, Colorado. Here is a short video on what he does for the project and how it’s humanizing homelessness for the housed and unhoused in our community.

Thank you for watching my first solo video.


One comment

  1. Good subject, Emma. You get him to tell his story well and the audio is pretty clear. It’s great that you got access to him working with one of his subjects. I like how you showed with him chatting with her, then making the photograph and then his image on the camera screen. You close on a nice moment. Good work really getting the human interaction part of the story, which is often the hardest to get. I think some of your backgrounds could be cleaner and you’ve got a focus issue in a few of your shots. I think a few more broad overall might have been nice to give a sense of place. But overall, this is well-structured story with a good mix of shots and a good mix of interview, b-roll and your subjects engaged in storytelling and emotional action.


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