Event Video: Wine and cheese pairing at Alfalfa’s Market

Cheese. Source: Stephanie Kilgast, flickr.

Allison and I went to Alfalfa’s Market Friday night to document and sample the wines, beers and cheeses they had on display in the cellar.


One comment

  1. Your video tells your story pretty effectively with both audio and video. I like all the shots you’ve selected and the visual narrative works well with the audio narrative. Your opening shot of your interview subject is out of focus (I think you’re back focused) which is a bit distracting at the start of the video. I might have used more details in the series of images that lead up to the tight shot of the pouring. And I find the last subject seems a little out of place, to some degree because you see her against a background of flowers in the supermarket rather than a wall of liquor bottles like most of the people in the rest of the video. I think having her in more similar lighting and scene as the rest of the piece and having another person or two comment on the event would have helped. The cheese guy’s great.


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