Video Critique: Hurricane Matthew reveals Civil War cannonballs

The remnants of cannonballs from the Civil War discovered by Richard Beck on Folly Island on October 9, 2016. Source: CBS News via the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

For the video critique I reviewed an interview by CBS News about the Civil War cannonballs revealed during Hurricane Matthew.

The video did not identify who the speaker was or where he found the cannonballs throughout the whole video; the video left the identification of Richard Beck, the former Folly Beach mayor on Folly Island, South Carolina to the accompanying brief.

I like that the news outlet created a visual interview for Beck, because being walked through an event in his shoes sparks my imagination. I found myself wondering what I would have done if I had found some brown lumps on the beach. If the interview had only been audio laid over photographs of the cannonballs, I would not have had the opportunity to discover the cannonballs with Beck.

The video is very basic, but it is nice that the background during the interview is simple. The journalist’s use of the rule of thirds to place the subject in the frame was visually appealing. The police vehicles in the background are slightly distracting, but since they are a couple hundred feet away my eye is only pulled there when the police officer moved.

I assume the journalist couldn’t video the cannonballs because the bomb squad removed them, but I would have liked to have known why the video only included photographs of them.

Throughout the video the audio spiked when the wind blew, I wonder if the mic had a dead cat on it since the wind around the subject doesn’t seem severe.



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