Bluegrass Player Performs for the Next Generation

PUBLISHED: August 26, 2016 at 7:28 p.m.

26 August 2016 Fergus the Banjo Player Pearl Street
Fergus Stone plays his banjo Friday afternoon on Boulder’s Pearl Street all in the hopes of inspiring children to love “America’s original instrument.”


  1. The composition of this photo is really effective in terms of the lighting. The black and white selection really emphasizes the musician and the banjo.

    This piece could become an interesting feature piece in terms of journalistic packaging, especially with the incorporation of more quotes from the musician.


  2. You’ve found a good subject and your caption, while short, helps us get to know a bit more about your subject. As we mentioned in class, I think you could have moved Fergus a bit so that the light was more on his face and less on his legs, arm and the white front of the banjo. I find the hot spots low a bit distracting. By the same token, moving him so that he was entirely against the white bricks would have created a pseudo studio backdrop and removed the “Peppercorns” lettering that’s drawing the viewers eye away from your subject (we can’t help but read when given the chance). This is a is also a case where, if you were to move him out from the all a little bit, you’d gain some depth and separation from the background. When photographing someone performing or doing their work, consider taking a few minutes to have them stop and just pose for a portrait. Sometimes the performance photo will still be the better image, but you won’t know until you’ve made both. And, on occasion, you’ll find that the performer will fall into a natural and relaxed pose with their instrument when they take a break for a couple minutes. Check D2L for your grade


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